Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Weekend

Two weeks of class have passed since Spring Break, time just keeps marching on!  Only five more weeks to go and I will have completed my first year of veterinary school!  I received my quiz grade back from this past Monday and did well for which I am glad.  Now, this morning I will study for awhile and then head to Forrest.  I plan to be with Uncle Earl and Aunt Esther's family for their Easter tonight and then drive to Tremont later tonight.  I will be in Tremont for Easter Sunday church and then be with my Dad's immediate family tomorrow evening for Easter.  This coming week brings our lab exam on Wednesday and the multiple choice part of our midterm on Friday so this will be a busy week.  Next weekend I plan to head to Purdue for College Weekend which I am looking forward to.  Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

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