Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Palpation Lab

Two more days until my midterm exam, and then a free weekend after that!  Monday was just class as usual and yesterday we had lab in the morning and class in the afternoon.  The lab for Group B, my half of the class, was palpation.  Half of our group went to the dairy farm, and the other half went to the vet med research farm where some mares were awaiting.  I was at the dairy farm yesterday so I was palpating cows.  It was actually a lot of fun and the weather was comfortable too which was also nice.  Palpation means sticking a big long sleeve on your arm, lubing up your hand, and sticking your hand and arm up the cows rear end.  By doing this, you can then feel the cows reproductive tract directly below the rectum.  I have done this before various times but usually can only feel the cervix.  Well, yesterday, I finally was able to feel from the cervix to the uterus and then follow the uterine horns to the ovaries.  While that may sound crazy to you, I was pretty pumped that I was actually able to advance in my palpation! Needless to say, I needed a serious shower before going back to class! 

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