Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Professors

For those of you who would like to see who is teaching me this quarter, I am placing links to the professor's webpages.

Anatomy: Dr. Gerald Pijanowski

Physiology: Dr. Margarethe Hoenig

Neurobiology: Dr. Megan Mahoney

Histology: Dr. Marie-Claude Hofmann

For those of you who know Dr. Shapiro, the pediatrician in Vernon, I believe that Dr. Pijanowski looks similar to him.  There is also another professor who is helping with the histology lab for Dr. Hofmann, Dr. Rex Hess.  My clinical correlations course is taught by a number of different professors and only meets about once a week.  We also have two lab assistants, Scott and Sherry, who run the anatomy lab.

Also, just to give you a teeny peek at what we do in vet school, here is a website that we use to help us learn the anatomy of animals on x-rays.

 Imaging Anatomy

If you click on an animal, then click on a part of animal you want to see and click on an example # you can see x-rays of different parts of different animals.  When the image comes up you will see words on tabs just on top of the image.  Those are the names of the different parts of the bones that they would like us to know.  This is part of the reason why there is so much studying to do!

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Anonymous said...

He looks just like Dr. Shapiro!!!!! Love him! :)