Monday, October 10, 2011

A Small Glimpse At My School

So, I took just a couple photos of my school today.  There are three main buildings.  One is the clinical skills learning center which I don't have any pictures of but is where we can practice many clinical skills such as blood draws on llamas/alpacas, bandaging horse legs, intubating dogs, etc.  The second building is the basic sciences building:
I will spend the rest of my year in this building as it is the place where all the first and second year vet students have their classes including labs. 

On the corner of the building is this sign that proclaims this building's purpose:

The third main building is the veterinary teaching hospital.  This is where students are when they are on their clinical rotations and where fourth year students spend much of their time.  The hospital is split up into small and large animal portions.  Here is the client entrance for the small animal hospital:

And here is the client entrance to the large animal hospital:

The two hospitals are connected to each other so you can walk from one right into the other which is nice.  The large animal hospital has four wards.  Ward 1 is the farm animal ward, Ward 2 is the equine ward, Ward 3 houses some research horses as well as the horse treadmill, and Ward 4 is mostly used as a teaching ward to teach students equine material.  The small animal  hospital houses primary care (regular exams, vaccines, etc.), ophthalmology (eyes), anesthesiology, dermatology (skin), emergency and critical care, intensive care unit, wildlife medicine, and more. 

The basic sciences building and the hospital are very close to each other which is nice for us students:
That's the basic sciences building on the right and the hospital on the left.  The clinical skills learning center is to the left of the hospital but is not pictured. 

If you want to see more of the vet school, you will just have to visit me!

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