Monday, February 20, 2012

Grades and Such

I received my new quiz 1 grade, my lab exam grade, and my midterm day 1 (100 multiple choice grade) and I did fine for which I am glad. 

Yesterday I was in Bloomington for church with my roommate Josh and then went to my great aunts visitation in Goodfield.  I enjoyed meeting new people and then seeing some of my family at the visitation. 

Today we started gastrointestinal physiology so that was super exciting (or maybe not so much!).  In anatomy lab we started working on the horse abdomen.  My group of four (Group #2) actually went and worked with live horses first while the other group of four (Group #1) worked on removing the gut from our horse.  When we swapped, my group opened the bag that was labeled "Group 1 and 2 GI Tract" and all we found were lungs.  However, we eventually figured out that they had hid the gut and thought they were pretty funny!  When we opened up the stomach there were tons of botfly larvae (cuterebras) present which is not uncommon in horses that are not given antiparasitics (drugs to prevent parasites from visiting).  We removed them all and saved them, however some of them were put to use for various extracurricular purposes. Let's just say that group number one is going to have a pleasant surprise when they open up their dog carcass next to continue working on its abdomen!!!!  That's what they get ;)

I will be working hard to keep up with my studying this week as I have a quiz Monday morning at 8AM but will be in West Bend this weekend for baptisms. 

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