Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lab Exam

Today was our midterm lab exam.  The first part of my exam had thirty multiple choice exams regarding histology slides from cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  The second part was ten short answer questions regarding x-rays of the thorax (chest) and spine.  Finally, I had forty short-answer identification questions based on neck, back, and thorax of dog, cat, horse, and cow and then a few random questions on the pig.  I think I did alright, I will see when I get my grade!  Now, I will study tonight and all day tomorrow to get ready for the midterm exam.  The multiple choice portion is Friday, and the written part is Monday.  This midterm exam will have anatomy, physiology, histology, a little bit of neurobiology and some pharmacology on it.  Talk about a lot of studying!  Once Monday afternoon hits, my stress level will drop significantly!

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