Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 4

Well, week 4 of this quarter has already started, I cannot believe it!  This is a stressful week as we have our lab exam on the neck, back and chest of the dog, horse, and cow this Wednesday and then have the multiple choice part of our midterm on Friday.  I have spent about 9-10 hours in the anatomy lab between Friday and today and will be in there tomorrow as well!  Yippee!!  There is a literal sense of urgency in the lab these days as there seems to be a lot more information to know for this lab exam compared to the two last quarter.  We have to know the muscles, arteries, veins, and nerves of the neck, back, and chest/thoracic cavity of the dog, horse, and cow, and also have to know the bones of the vertebral column and their bony prominences, the ribs, the pig's lymph centers, the oddities of the fetal pig's blood circulation, the ligaments of the attachment of the head to the vertebral column, and the internal and external parts of the heart.  Talk about a ton of memorization! 

On a more relaxing note, yesterday I was in Eureka and went out to dinner for my uncle's birthday.  I was able to see my grandparents who I hadn't seen in awhile and got to spend some quality time with some of my family.  It was a nice break from schoolwork before this week! 

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