Monday, February 13, 2012

Midterm Exam and Parent Appreciation

Well, yet another post with no pictures, oh well!  I just finished my midterm exam today.  I had the multiple choice Friday and the written today and I think it went fine. 

This past weekend was Parent Appreciation weekend for the U of I young group.  Saturday evening we had dinner, a singing, and then dessert and a slideshow of pictures from our activities from throughout the year.  It was really nice and helped to get my mind off the stresses of school and my midterm exam.  My uncle came from Eureka to be my "father" for the evening since my parents weren't able to make it.  He then stayed overnight and went to Champaign church on Sunday with me. 

I am relaxing tonight although I do have a little bit of studying to do.  This week shouldn't be too bad (hopefully) but then I will be buckling down for the final three weeks of the quarter.  It's hard to imagine that three weeks from now it will be back to studying like crazy to prepare for our final exam, our lab exam on the abdomen and our palpation exam.  Just when the stress levels drop a little, something else comes in to jack 'em back up.  Oh well, welcome to vet school I suppose!

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